COVID-19 Update

In response to the efforts being made all over our nation to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus, CCK is currently taking precautionary measures to help prevent the spread of the virus.


In order to safely and responsibly resume in-person public gatherings of our church we have changed our meeting time and location to a larger facility that enables us to welcome up to ca. 50 worshippers with a distanced seating plan.  Therefore, over the coming weeks we will be gathering together to worship at the following time and place.

Freie Evangelikale Gemeinde Klagenfurt (FEG)

Reichenbergerstraße 8, 9020

at 13:15

If you are not currently a member of CCK and you would like to attend one of our public worship gatherings, please contact us to register and request an up to date Covid-19 prevention concept so that you can be informed about which preventative measures will be in place.  Our prevention concept will also be available upon entry to the building and we trust and assume that by attending our worship gathering you have read, understood and agree to comply with the measures that we have put in place.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Visiting CCK

We love to welcome guests at CCK!  Are you just passing through on vacation or did you just move to the area?  Are you looking for a place where you can grow in your faith, or a place where you can explore the Christian faith?  Whatever the reason, we want to extend a warm welcome to you.  Here you can find out more about what to expect when paying us a visit...



Membership Profile: We are a small church with a big diversity!  We typically have around 20-30 adults in attendance at our worship gatherings, with around 10 children aged 8 and under in our kids ministry program.  Age wise, our congregation consists of teenagers to old age pensioners with everyone in-between.

Service Profile:  Our weekly gatherings begin at 13:15 with an introduction to the passage of scripture that will be preached on that morning.  Then after some brief announcements we take a moment of quiet reflection to prepare our hearts to worship God and hear Him speak to us through His Word. Our worship service then begins with a scripture reading, followed by a variety of songs and prayers that connect to the theme of the passage of scripture we are studying that day.  After the sermon, we typically take a moment to quietly reflect upon the preaching of God's Word before responding to it with worship in a final song.  Our worship service then comes to a close with the reading of a benediction from the scriptures.  You can probably tell already that at CCK we want the Word of God to be the thing that opens our service, closes our service and fills everything in-between.  Our worship service typically ends between 14:45-15:00.

Preaching Style: Sermons at CCK are typically expository and tend to last for between 50-60 minutes in duration.  Most commonly we take a book of the bible and preach our way through it week by week, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, with the main point of the biblical text being the main point of the sermon.  As this expositional approach to preaching can mean that we often spend a long time in just one book of the bible, bi-monthly we take an entire book of the bible and preach an overview of what that book is about.  This helps us to keep growing in our understanding of the bible as a whole unified story, even if we spend 2 years preaching through a gospel!  As all scripture ultimately points to the good news of Jesus Christ, we seek to show each and every week how the passage of scripture we are studying points us to the hope of salvation by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ.

Kids Ministry:  For kids aged 3-9 we have a kids ministry program in the basement level of the church.  Kids enjoy age appropriate bible lessons with singing, crafts and snacks.  Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to settle your children into the kids ministry program.
Mothers with children under the age of 2 are welcome to stay in our main adult service with their children.  If your little one needs to make some noise, we have a mother's room next to the main meeting room where you can go with your baby.  In this room there is a live feed of the audio from the main meeting room so you can still listen along while your baby lets off some steam.

At this time we currently do not have the means to offer a kids ministry program for children aged 10 and over but we encourage parents to help their children open up their bibles, listen to the sermon and then follow up with them at home, helping them to understand what was being preached in the church.

Afterwards:  After the service is over we provide some light refreshments and encourage people to stay and spend some time together.  This is a great time to discuss the sermon, get to know someone new or simply share what's been going on in your life with others.  We typically spend at least another hour enjoying one another's company after the service and we would love to get to know you better during this time if you'd like to stick around!

Location: Reichenbergerstraße 8, 9020

Here is where we gather to worship on a Sunday afternoon.  There is free parking all along the street and you can recognise the building easily by the sign on the front of the building.

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